Welcome to CalWORKs at Ventura College!

California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) is an educational and career supportive service for parenting students receiving public assistance. CalWORKs is designed to help head of households become self-sufficient through a variety of activities. At the county and state level, CalWORKs is a public assistance program that provides cash aid and services to eligible families with children. 

To apply for CalWORKs you must visit the County of Ventura Human Services Agency website or call 1-866-904-9362. Eligibility is determined by the county. 


How does this connect to Ventura College?

Students begin at the Human Services Agency. Those required to participate in welfare-to-work activities are often provided the opportunity to attend Ventura college. The Human Services Agency will refer students to our college for the purpose of furthering their education with the goal of improving their opportunities for long-term employment and self-sufficiency. This requires the student to acquire a referral to our office for academic counseling.